ConfigMgr 2012 Offline Servicing of Captured WIM Images

11 02 2013

ConfigMgr allows you to patch existing captured OS images by leveraging DISM through WAIK.  DISM mounts the WIM file and injects software updates into the OS image which cuts down on the administrators time in having to capture another image and deployment time.  Here is a great blog post I found that shows you exactly how to update your OS images through ConfigMgr 2012.

The unfortunate thing I found is Offline Service is only set to run once a day (midnight) so to force it to run a schedule that you created and run it NOW (who has patience!), you’ll want to go into Configuration Manager Service Manager and start the SMS_Offline_Servicing_Manager service.

To open the service manager, right click on the Component Status and select Start – Configuration Manager Service Manager.


Highlight the SMS_Offline_Servicing Manager and click the yellow exclamation mark which will show you the status of the service.  Click on the green arrow to start the service and then you’ll notice from the OfflineServicingMgr.log that the WIM file begins copying process stated in the blog above.


I hope this helps you understand Offline Service end to end!




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